The Bob Marsh International Horseshoe Tournament Testo

Testo The Bob Marsh International Horseshoe Tournament

Come on throw another perfect ringer
one twist in the air the sound of victory
3points 3beers 3am another winner
this one is for bob marsh and family

we lost our minds a long time ago
enjoy this one we won't be back for more
we're having fun but boredom is so close
"i have a warm log cabin let's buy some bottles"
cowboy hats sunflower seeds and beer
shane macgowan good ol' stories and whiskey
hey louis are you ready for another game
"one cigarette one beer and i'm on my way"

you take the blue or d'you want the red
traditions sometimes make a big difference
wolves and deers trees and memories
it was good to be out of reality

drink drink drink pass the bottle
look out the window it is so wonderful
"where the men are pretty the women are
strong and the children above average"
the marsh international horseshoe tournament