Return Of The Project Nigga Testo

Testo Return Of The Project Nigga

Aye yo, Whuddup! (If I should die..)
It's Cashville's own nigga!! (.. Befo' I wake)
Young Buck!!.. G-Unit!!.. (Please Lord..)
Lot of shit goin' down down here (.. My soul to take)
But I ain't goin' no where.. Holla when ya see me!

Tha return of tha project nigga (K'Yeah!)
A 100 bricks strong and my pockets bigga (Owhh!)
Still holdin' tha throne, it's too late to hate me
Hayell, I'm Cashville's own in a black Mercedes
TV's in dis bitch, i don't know how to turn 'em on
I just bought dis mothafucka and shipped it home
In traffic we smokin', sun-roof closed
Ho's pullin' up like "Owh, There he go!"
Ain't no body on dat beef shiit (Nah!)
It's too many Mexicans wit' tha cheap bricks (Yeah!)
Peep dis; all ya need is a big heart
A quarta bird, dat's like givin' ya a kick start (Let's Gooo!!)
Ya done hurrd 'bout tha flex dat's tha undacovas
Rydin' round, jumpin' out, searchin' mothafuckas (Hey!!)
so we open at 9 and we close at 5 (Huh!)
Keep a nigga in a ryde, 'case I close my eyes
I won't stop 'till they kill me (Nah!)
Betta yet - 'till tha whole world feel me (Yeah!)
Lemme tell ya 'bout dis town where I come from
Cashville, Tenn-A-Key look what I done (Look nigga!!)
See me on tha map and tha public love it
Police in tha streets like "Nawhh, fuck it"
It's me against tha government, they don't know how to take me
They done see they tape and they thank I'm crazy (Yeaaah!)
Shuttin' down my birthday bash
Well offica Calvin Hulay, you can kiss my ass!!
I'm strap on dat 5-2
You on dat racist shit and I'ma black dude (Bitch!)
Even took my licence and say they suspend it
But come to find out dat dat bitch pretended (Unhh!)
I dropped a thug rap platinum album in tha 'Ville
So somebody please tell dat coward who I is, BITCH!!

It's like
I'm tha 1st one, but I ain't tha only one
To holla Cashville mothafuckas..
I'm trynnah outlive my city out here nigga..
And tha fuckin' police hatin' on a nigga..
Fuck y'all!