Son Of God Testo

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Testo Son Of God

Featuring The Outlawz

I'm just a son of God I shall evolve
I'm in tune with the earth listening to stars
The holy spirit you can quote it from me
I ain't even write this the higher power wrote it for me
Just another scripture out that dog bible
This that dog motivation I carry the title
They want you blindfolded my third eye opened
Hope for the hopeless, voice of the voiceless
If you don't know nothing else you better stay focused
So if you don't know nothing else you don't know nothing
I don't do this music just to try to say you something
Motherfucker I'm really tryin' to tell you something
Question, you listening for beats or the fucking swag
I'm a different kind of rapper I don't need to brag
No rap gimmicks, no facade , no fake image
I'm God's child made in his image
Yeah I'm thinking God was a black man
I roll with morals men mortals wouldn't understand
Damn , do your history and you will see
The first man on the earth looks just like me
My people powerfull beyond belief
But they don't fear God they fear the police
And that judge and that black robe
Lock me in the black hole take my black soul
Rap is commercial now they got rid of the black soul
From the car creek my mama raised a black raw
I can achieve anything
And you ain't even asking no questions believe in anything
Sick a nigger sucking or driving all over my flat screen
Same old shit ain't nobody saying a damn thing
Corrupting these young minds feeding them lies
They fear truth we the one the industry been trying to hide
My only fear of death is reincarnation
Heart of a soldier with a brain to teach a whole nation
Still I rise to the ocassion
Failure's never been an option wasn't part of the equation
And I can hear Pac's voice raining down from the heavens
I'm the last outlaw lucky number 7
I made this sight for complete only write I complete the mission
Now I fully understand what he was really kicking
Carried a torch of a movement leading soldiers
We outlawz it ain't never gonna be easy for us
Voice of the underdogs raised on a curve
We will never get the love or the credit we deserve
When you carrying a burden and the truth that the devil close by
But I ain't fell apart from the track thanks to the most high
Carrying the burden of truth the devil close by
Outlaw sinners forever it will never die