Woke Up Underwater Testo

Testo Woke Up Underwater

What part of you was left for dead?
Left a mark on me, I damn sure won't forget.
You say that you'll grow.
But we both know you can't do this on your own.

I let you down when you were lost.
Oh where's all that pride now that all the lights are off?
And we're all, just burning in the wreckage.
And you can't change, who we are tonight.
Darling, only you can save your skin.
When you've got me all tied up and bound again.
I know you miss the way.
We crawl back to all of our mistakes.

I can feel you shivering,
clean through your skin.

I woke up underwater.
Thought I'd never breathe again.
I woke up I was older.
I tried to fight the tide, but I'm sinking in.

And I can feel you,