Don't Go Changin' Testo

Testo Don't Go Changin'

This is where your heart did lie
In the room where you felt most alive
Underneath all the piles of books that you read
Despite all the years that it took

It's the time that we walked all night
Just to see the sun rise in its glorious light
Just as we had sat and stared
Your hand brushed mine and I didn't have a care
It's the time that we drove to the sea
It was half past midnight, it was just you and me
And as we walked, I held your hand
And the footprints showed how close we could stand

And just like the time
We made some time
But if you think that you're ready
I'll be glad to give it a try

It's the day that you made me smile
And the last four years have been worth my while
And if I could rightly say
That you're the reason for the smile on my face