Stretch It Out Testo

Testo Stretch It Out

Gon girl gon' stretch it out
If you gotta lil freak in you, gon' let it out [Get Loose]

[Verse 1]
it's Y 2 tha P, who flya den Me?
Yu flya den me? nigga Yu lyin ta Me

I'm tryin ta see, if it's goin down
They stretchin out, all on tha ground

Gon roll around, git it real loose
im warmin up from ya head to ya heels boo
Lemme help, if yu hurt, Ima heal yu
Cuz ima stretch it out' git it real loose

Ok yu feel loose? [Naw] Yu aint ready yet
Stretch it out til yu flex like spaghetti, yes
Lemme chec, ok [damn] yu already wet
Well hurry up, I'm tryna 'go' like ready, set

Ima steady vet, tha moves is insane
So gon let it out, if yu new to this game
Maneuver da thang, im soothing tha pain
so gon stretch it out' while I'm doin my thang

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 2]
Gon lemme kno, if youz a freak
I ain't even gotta say it you kno who ta see

Gon move ta me' stick that ass out
Iss getting hott, im bouta pass out

Cain't pass now, ima step it up
Think you need help' ima set ya up
No need ta ask, im ready guh
Ima stretch it out' when yu gon lemme fuck

No lettin' up, I'm onto that
Gon let it out girl, aint no holdin' back
Stretch it out yeh cuz i'm known fa that
Tryn get it poppin' ima let yu hold da strap

Da phlo iz back, makin em all shout
Yu got a lil freak in you, im brang it all out
Tryn git it in, it aint small now
Git da blood flowin, she shakin it all out

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 3]
Like I gotta say it' I'm doin it big
ayo a grand for da shoes is my usual bid
Like I said I'm doin it big
She gotta stretch it out' make room for da kid

Git loose in this bitch, i'm ready for tha dames
They stretchin it out like gittin ready for da game

Steady wit tha flames, always gotta hit
Iss like I'm on a period, I always gotta bitch


[chorus x4]