Metallik Crow Testo

Testo Metallik Crow

You lack the minerals and vitamins, vitamins
(The hard, the hard, the harder I rock)

Drawing blood ink from the jugular
Take calligraphic action, higher magic
Dream journalist, the writing is automatic
Hidden mechanics, creep metallics [?]
With nerves of iron, I stay wired
Broads speak spit static
The black riddles leaps, sharp knives under the pillow
When wind blows, leaves mourn songs on weeping willows
Inaudible noise, frequencies concealed in the joints
Travel needle pin and acupuncture pressure points
I'm all grunge tapes, moody blues, and gloomy sundays
Bullet flows and verbal gunplay, word to my [?]
Thoughts sit heavy, lyrically show you what a tongue weighs
Purple circular spots behind my eyes, like I sungaze
Attached to mothership like Norman Bates
Twisted necks like circus tricks for you, but the victims never wake
Common daily routines, like a collective's retracing of steps
Mentally desperate, we tryin' to connect
And musical notes hide the most cryptic of codes
Truth is a bitter pill, and I'm medicating
Generous doses, negotiating with the appetite
The human herd bustling over turnstyles
Concrete jungle hustle hostile
But there's nothing out here, dank alleys and beer
Heads are vacuum sealed in trapped cages, suspended in fear
I'm anti mind control and chemical warfare
You devils can't touch, I'm like a gin-repelling software
Whose words multiply like microbes underneath the skin
Prone to capture gamma rays, gather energy, and kill on a whim
Expanding like the universe, I'm Artemis
Begetting [?] thought without an opposite
The irony is obvious, but a broader definition's still to be found
Biased taste perceptions like a shrouded cloud
Step into my circus, I transform without a sound
[?] against the sun and make a crowd of running clouds
The kid's wild rhyme style, definitive, belligerent, militant
Known as hard-headed, and the urge never diminishes
Recite the last script from a chest chamber
Gaseous when I blast it, packs the power of a black fist
Far from passifict, imbalanced when I flex the wrist
Paper bound like blood to ground, how the page absorbs the ink
Even footprints on mindscapes that incubate my imprint
Every chosen path is mapped out different

I'm trying to acquaint them with observations
(Like a shogun)

I am bereavement
Illuminate black duster rag, and kaleidoscope eyes see
I'm feeling the sky drain into a sun-filled blood drunk
I tirade, remnant in my mouth electric
Red remington out to tight pain
I float souls, distress from strings like kite sway
Hospitalized, I mummify one so it wipes sight reads
[?] but butterfly knife blades
Beheading [?] fight, and it's still behind a knife
[?] fatal [?]
Binding nightshades, I am a cavernous ulcer
Of acidic, deep, fiery baptized stains
Cinching intestine pain, inexorable
I work through it, some time frames
I'm unwell, phobic, sick, be under a dying mindstate
In a house by a dry well, second from the last on the right
Scraps and light scrapes, life goes on
I'm here, half naked under ice rings
Screaming at the firmament
Arm burned and slit, open with sliced veins around me
I'm fly, shook as an airline hostage
Ain't my ghost a flight date
Not balanced, yet [?]
I'm fanned by palm leaves and fed white grapes
For mirrors, my image is not [?] between my mind gates
Cause I work with live bait
Breathing my mind ray
This blood-clot sea voyage is blind faith
The blood-clotted sea soil grasping at me, pissed
Til my ship's sides break

(The harder I rock)
(The harder I rock)
(Like, like, like a shogun)
(The hard, the, the harder I rock)
(Like, like, like a shogun)
(The hard, the harder)
(The harder I rock)
(The hard, the harder)
(The harder I rock)

(The hard, the hard, the hard drama)
(The hard, the hard, the hard drama)
(Like, like, like a shogun)
(The hard, the, the harder I rock)
(The hard, the, the harder I rock)
And, that's what I was trying to kinda, get the planet ready for space invaders, cause they should land soon