Lost Another Soldier (Tribute To Big Mello) Testo

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Testo Lost Another Soldier (Tribute To Big Mello)

[Chorus - 2x]
I really hate it that we lost another soldier
Time and time, it seems this world be getting colder
You never really know when your time gon be over
It feel like it's forever riding on our shoulders

Why did I have to say goodbye, this life the best here, kneel down and I cry
I can't lie heavenly father, why all of my real niggas gotta fight
It was just like yesterday we lost DJ Screw, now B-I-G M-E double L-O
Somebody feel my pain before I be alone, and I'm about this sure
I can't take no more we'll mask together, wrecking the stage together
We shine together, we ride forever, pull back in the shop together
Step on the block together damn, it'll be okay
I got a certified plack that's on the way
Trae, Dougie D and Z-Ro gotta ride for the dog
Gotta grind for the dog, put it down for the dog
I love my dog, and I don't wanna lose no more
Big Mello I got you, and I'm fin to tell everybody all about you
This life we live is hard, you was another gift to my life
You and Screw and I'm missing you, and now that I think about it

[Tony Montana]
Heavenly father I ain't the one to question your will, or what is it to be
But these cemeteries get you acquainted to all of my homies
And this time it's Mello, and I just don't understand why that he gone
And the only thing that keeping me from crying, is blowing up on this do-do
Like ones in the ghetto, we learn to shock and rock cash that rip flows
And you ain't give a fuck if, you want to click shit you live on
You said, my heart in the light motherfucker, we gon represent my nigga
Put the deuce up by the roof, yelling out what it do for you my nigga
Wrecking the microphone till ten and, keeping it crunk for you already
And the plan to get the lab, before praying with grandma on that Thursday
Know we gon ride until then, whenever the last your ass gon be missed
And we gon hold it down up on the ground, till we meet up in heaven

[Chorus - 2x]

[Dougie D]
I'm gon ride till I'm with you, damn I really miss you
I just don't understand, why he had to come and get you
You always kept it positive, painting perfect pictures
A soldier with the heart of a lion, a bold heart nigga
Much respect dog, never will you ever be forgotten
Salvation's in your corner now, down here you got non-stopping
Realizing that you're gone, it's really hard to swallow
Tomorrow ain't promised, we living time that's borrowed
I wish there was another way, that death could be defeated
You left us all in shock, our souls have been depleted
Till we join you we gon mourn you, keep the mic on for you
16 shots of loot, to the K and Day soldier

We living in war times on time by the hard times, will it ever get better
My niggas be losing they life, over some of that punk ass cheddar
Everybody gotta have that, so we gotta get up and get that there
The best way we can, everyday is a struggle
And every morning, six fellas with a casket in they hand
And it just don't stop, seem like every time a brother fin to reach the top
Shut the fuck up, heaven always has a road block, another real nigga drop
And it's always close to home, paranoid of my people I tote my chrome
Packing that plastic in the middle of the night, I gotta protect my dome
Looking for the reason, why, my nigga ain't breathing
God damn I'm hurting this evening, why the fuck Big Curtis leave
And I wanna go with him cause I can't stay breathing
Everyday it's a different thang, broke loose of the drama, loose of the pain
Feel like I'm going insane, the rap game will never be the same

[Chorus - 2x]

You never know, you never know, when it's your time to go
To the top of the rope, till you can't climb no more
We miss your energy and your spirit around the studio Big Mello, Big Mello
My partner, my friend, my labelmate to the end
I'll always remember how you brought the light in
Telling the world what it do, through all of your songs
Heard I just can't imagine life here, since you gone
This is my cry for you, this is Cl'Che's cry for you
Another Southside soldier gone

[Chorus - 2x]