In Hand, Our Fire Testo

Testo In Hand, Our Fire

While you were sleaping i watched this come down
i watched you forget me and dream of north
we aren't talking of the things we thought we figured out
it's all to quiet from the things we've said

i drove you to the hospital and walked myself back home
i finally figured out the letters you both always wrote
and i'll keep my distance from every thought i have
about you forgetting me and never coming home
swallow down your sense of pride
they're grinning at my insides
the thought that this was all the wrong direction
tell me softly
will i be seeing you again
a breath and she wakes
these were meant for you
tell me softly

lay here stable
lacing your fingers with a liars and still unaware
i'll be coming home tonight where beneath the colors
you look brilliant

hallelujah, for the swells of your chest

oh my god i've become the one that leaves
brave just this last one
will i be seeing you again
tell me softly