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È Complicato - Love That Girl (Raphael Saadiq)


You can tell by her smile shes such a love child.

And every man in this place would love to be in her space.

As the night settles down shed meet a lot of clever clowns.

And ill do my best to be better than the rest.


She is soo (so sweet and tender)

and im glad (so glad we've met girl)

Shes sooo (so sweet and tender) and im glad

(so glad were makin love) oh i oh i love that girl oh oooh


Then she walks my way and said boy I hope your free.

I'm thinking how could this be feels like a dream to me.

Then she give me this kiss that gave my whole body a twitch.

See your just much more than pretty gave my heart an eclipse


darling....im so glad we found each other......holding hands... kissing....and making love and saying