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Afro Samurai - Certified Samurai (Talib Kweli / Terra Tory / Suga Bang)

[Intro: Terra Tory (Talib Kweli) {Suga Bang Bang}]

Hahahahahaha, we gon' do what we do right here, baby

You already know what it is, Division, back in the building

Brooklyn, you see 'em? Haha (yeah, come on) {soldier hold ya sword high}

{Swing it like a Samurai} Who are we?

[Talib Kweli]

We the breadwinners, baby, make it peel, sippin' blunts

Smokin' guns, taught M.C.'s how these niggas living

Earn, burning word for ya, curb serving

Got you hooked by the first purchase, birds chirping

Cops listening, with the gun sitting on they lap

Cuz of that, the t-shirt's on the block, like 'stop snitching'

Living by the code of the samurai

Dreams put on hold like operators standing by

What you craft with your heart or your weapon

It's a question, what you craft with, a glock or a message in a rhyme

I teach you little savage part of a lesson and choice

Between being a gangsta and an artist, is the start of your ending

You can front like you a gangsta artist, but that ain't the smartest

Decision, niggas'll test you

Say you ain't the hardest, regardless, what you spare homey

RZA told me that the game is flipping, nobody bent for me

[Interlude: Terra Tory]

Haha, you already know what it is

Murda is back in the building

Division, back in the building

[Free Murda]

Free Murda dick longer than the O.J. trial

Have your bitch backstage with the Colgate smile

I'm on the back glocks where the coke ring loud

Bullets got flat tops like they stole Kane's style

Warm 'em kid, you wanna flow, drain now

Get your whole brain out, where your hoes hang out

It's killing me, everybody got cocaine nail

Stealing Free is like trying take a old stain out

Your boy's on fire, my boat stays out

It's gon' take more than a wire, to close they mouth

Got a slice of that bread, bags that you stole

You had a price on your head, now that tag's on your toe

And you know that nigga dead when the casket is closed

Off with his dreads, keep the mag' in my clothes

I'm trying, real good, the semi' got loud up

You can die in your hood, like Kenny from South Park

[Chorus 2X: Free Murda]

How many licks does it take

For me to hit the tootsie roll center of a break?

Yeah, how many hits must you make

Before a man'll get his mule and his forty ac's

[Suga Bang Bang]

Soldier hold your sword high...

Swing it like a Samurai...

Now don't get all out of pride...

From the Afro Samurai...