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After The Sunset - Drive Me Crazy (Kevin Lyttle & Mr. Easy)

Na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na yeah


she's got the touch I love so much, that's all I ever wanted (im surely god blessed) under her spell she had me crushed I sworn I was *annoyed* (*got caught* by her magic)she had me drooling for a while (with her sexual motion) like taking candy from a child (*suck* on her love potion)I can't believe the changes i've made since I met my baby, you know


she drives me crazy (on and on) what a beautiful lady (on and on)

she drives me crazy (on and on) and there's no if's nor maybes she goes (on and on) (repeat 2x)


like a volcano she erupts blowing up my pager (every minute every hour)

I realized she likes my *stuff* I chose the right flavor (this moment imma *savor*)iv'e never trusted pretty smiles (cause looks are deceiving)sexy walk my love profound (pretty girls are misleading)

*lesson learned* don't judge a book by looking at the cover, you know



my life my time and my *heart I've* dedicated to her (thats the *love* she wanted)

*I'm saying this I'd never starve* cause she is my dream maker (and now we gonna flaunt it)thank god i'm stuck with her for life (she's having my shorty)

perfect girl for my wife (cause it's my baby's mommy)girls flaunt *their best

designs* but there was always something missing