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Fast And The Furious (The) - Cali Diseaz (Shade Sheist)

(feat. Nate Dogg)


[Nate Dogg]

Every time I¡ªfeel the music

Man I loose it

Every time

Every time I¡ªfell the music

Man I loose it

Every time

[Shade Shiest]

Yo, check it, check it out

Yo, uh-huh

Shiest the vet, fresh out your ghetto tape decks

It's me and Nate back at it with another for your neck

Another for a check (means), Another for the set (green)

Is what I need to get, Cali's where I wanna be

And I ain't got to lie about the hood or the city

Shade straight from the sue of Jerry up where it's shitty

I got a mouth on me, farthest thing from being pretty

As I cash a check compliments of Nate and Dogg Pound-dation

Shade move the feet of every nation

Kids got the beast now, Trey about to eat now

We both got a plan to leave them haters in they sleep now

Soakin' in the sweat from the heat from the speaks now


[Nate Dogg]

There ain't, no way I'm missing my call

Suddenly fall fucking with y'all

Homie can't you; see me trying to get paid

Everyday any kinda way

There ain't, no way you taking my bang

Let your ass think your pussy don't stank

Hell no, you got it all wrong

You need to move on, I'm singing my song

Tell me, can you feel the beat

Is it, moving your feet?

Cause it, surely moves me

Well then, ok let's be on our way

Shade Shiest and big Nate

Just let the beat bang