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Fast And The Furious (The) - Pov City Anthem (Caddillac Tah)

[Phone rings and phone lady talks]

Hello, "Tah Murdah" has a message for (??)

To accept the message, press one

To cancel the message [phone button pushed]

Tah Murdah 2001 Murda I.N.C. motherfucker

Mr. Fingaz got beats

[Cadillac Tah]

Uhhahhhhh.. gangsta, gangsta

Uhh, uhh - gangsta, gangsta

MURDA! MURDA! - gangsta, gangsta

Fuck y'all niggaz talkin about? - gangsta, gangsta

Uhh, uhh - gangsta, gangsta

Uhh, uhh, uhh (Yeah) This is how we do - gangsta, gangsta

(Yeah, 2001) - gangsta, gangsta

2001 nigga, check this shit - gangsta, gangsta

[Verse One]

Now everybody just BOUNCE! BOUNCE!

My Pov City hustlers, BOUNCE! BOUNCE!

All my hood slimies, and Prada mamis

See how we fall off in the club, its nuttin but love

Plenty bottles of skimy twisted and stick bud

And it fifty-fifty love, all across the board dog

Gully respect Gully never floss for broads

or, get out of my character when she back it up

And after somethin good performs, I'll have you get up on it

Ma, I'll give it how you want it, make you a new lady

Coke'll open her crazy, now all day she two way me

Type of shit like "ohh baby", everything you do is gravy

And models I'm hittin lately, so all you can do is hate me

Stare me down and screw face me, hype ya man up to lace me

C'mon, all y'all buttersoft, sweeter then tasties

My hands grip two hammers, double action

Prime time, nigga minus the actin



And if you holdin weight, nigga get it up

Mamis in the club lookin right; oh you ain't spendin the night?

Give her the pin number, mami hit me up

We can SkyTel tag until I get you in the back of the Jag

After we burn a bag, I'ma hit the guts

Oh you a baller? Then ball to this

My pimps, gangstas, and dogs I ain't mad at you player, play on

[Verse Two]

Now hear me holla out GANGSTA, GANGSTA

PAPER CHASER - I love the cake

And petit mamis with the coke bottle shape

So keep shakin that money maker, ma-ma I can't hate ya

Its a cold world, ol' girl - so take advice from a pimp

What I'm spittin is venomus ism listen

When the chrome rims glistenin, on the 'llac truck

Traffic get backed up - we in this, cloud of smoke from spinach

Niggaz ain't big enough to go some rounds or minutes

I'm heavyweight, and I ain't speakin bought pounds in fitness

Use to spit off for sport but now its business

When you see me holla like you know me and I ain't scared homie

Picked up the mic, and put down the gats and yo

Now I rap and blow, with a fire acid flow

You know, and dog I ain't gotta repeat it

Right in front of ya eyes, ya see it, the best kept secret


[Verse Three]

Now everybody just (ride..)

If you sittin on dubs, in that big body rollin a bud

Then get (high..) uhh, get it crunk

(Murda.. gangster love)

Now you know its only right and necessary

that I smash Freddy, after spittin heavy - bars

Methaphors god, my shit is deadly

Swift and better believe I'm focused now

Feed you to the vultures, murderous poster child

Click, clak, BLAOW! The pound sure to drop

Then catch me full of that hall or, blowin on them poppers

But love, livin and, love them, thug, women

who will hustle and grind when its hard times

Playa, we came in this game with no gimmicks

You're finished, diminshed ya frame get holes in it

Straight business and +No Limits+, like Master P

So if you bout that, scrilla my nilla then stack them cheese

And twist up, burn the vanilla dutch, we live it up

No bread, dick and Big Red we givin sluts

I'm just a villian, willin to kill for that pot of gold

You gotta know, its all for the dough


[Cadillac Tah]

Yeah, its a playa event nigga

All my players ya heard me

Pov City nigga, yeah, uhh

Heart of the grungy, cheddar boys, mercy

Yeah, it's goin down nigga

2001, murda, murda

Uh, uh, gangsta, gangsta..