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Felicity I - Hermes Bird - Remy Zero

Your sad songs rain heaven.

Here's a call for you,

so don't let it fall into your

frail dreams of horror.

Life, lies, and shattered blows,

calling out you're famous.


So hold to your permanent bliss

in the time that it takes to exist.

From the hours to the fall of it.

It's all right.

You're all wrong.

And it's a dangerous thing to ignore.

It's so easy when the world has it's way,

well, then you're gone.

Life, limbs, and shattered blows

scrawling out you're famous.

Repeat chorus

Alright, I never said

to just cast them out.

Leave it 'til the morning

then you're gone.

So long.

Cast them out.

Now you're alive.

Repeat chorus

It's so,

it's so easy ...