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Finian's Rainbow - Something Sort Of Grandish (Reprise)

Og- Children, if you help me find the little gold crock you can have anything that's made in


There'll be things plenty for allish

Wondrish toys and magic tricks

Electrish trains and basket ballish

Mintish drops and licorice stick.

Life will be keenish all halloweenish

And jelly beanish too,

With ice-cream, and cakish

And soda to sup.

And no bellyacheish

To wakeish you up.

There will be such delicious dishes

And will end to this daffyish plot.

We will go from wretch to riches.

When we'll find that goldish pot.

There will be chocolate castish

with hot-dogs, and mustish

but cheers! ev'rybodysh

must fastish come trough