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Five Guys Named Moe - Look Out Sister


Ladies I'd like to talk to you for just about two minutes.

Now you can turn me off if you want to but what I've got

to say is for your benefit and no-one else. Now we heard what

Big Moe had to say to the brothers but I'm goin' to tell you

straight up that fellas these days ain't no good.


Stool pigeon, stool pigeon


What you mean stool pigeon. You see that's what I mean,

listen stick around girls

don't be no clown, and please pick up on what I put down.

If he drives you to the beach

and he starts to reach,

look out, sister look out

If he says you look fetchin'

and wants to go show you his etchin's,

don't go up there, you better not go up there.

And if he says you know you look good in a sweater,

go home and write him a leteer, hmm, hmmm,

you know what I mean.

And look here, if he buys you crocks of champagne,

take a train and go to Maine,

get outta town before it's too late.

If he says "Darlin' you look just like my mother",

go home and get your big brother

and have him snapped up.

Now what you gigglin' for?

Look here this ain't funny!

hee hee hee the devil!

You better pay attention to me now listen up,

don't listen to nobody but me now.

Don't listen to Big Moe, don't listen to Little Moe,

don't listen to no no, or No Moe whatever that childs

name is over near Nomax don't listen to eat Moe

don't listen to nobody but me alright.

If something happen to you this summer

you say I didn't tell you "alright",

now this is some knowledge I use myself,

I got this jive straight from the shelf

and it's known to be successful to a marked degree,

and baby I'm givin' it to you for free, alright!

Now if you wanna go for a ride in the car,

don't stay too long and don't go too far,

and if he syas "darlin, darlin, you know i feel so lucky",

go tell that man to catch a train to Kentucky.

And if he says you know, ooh baby baby,

you know you look groovy,

I think I'm gonna put you in a movie,

hey! he ain't no talent scout

he don't know what it's all about

and if he laughs at all your jokes

says your brand is all he smokes

he drinks nothing but cokes

he wants to meet your folks

don't believe him baby, it's a hoax, alright

tell him to get lost

coz he ain't nothing but a moose.

And if he says "Hey sugar, I'm on the square"

go home and leave him right there, leave him right there

and if he says "Hello baby, you look great,

I'm gonna take you on a date"

He ain't nothing but a fake

go tell him to go jump in the lake.

What you sitting up there gigglin' for?

you know you'd be surprised at what them men

are framin' up on doin' this summer

and if somethin' happened to you

you'd say I didn't tell you

so listen to what I'm tellin' you

look at what I'm puttin' down alright?

Here it is,

now if he buys you clothes

and nylon hose

and takes you round the nation

on a two week vacation

buys you diamond rings, mink coats and everything

and he's the mellow creature who wants

to see the preacher

well, you don't have to look out baby

take him home to momma


Look out


Now listen girls, don't tease him just squeeze him

because that's your main squeezy easy!


Look out sister, you better look out

look out!