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Flashdance - I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is - Kim Carnes

It's the song that just keeps playing on the radio

And you know I haven't seen you for a while

I lie awake at night and wonder how you are

And I wish that I could see you again

Is it fate, or is it luck that brings us back

Or is it just a common point of view

Time has put a spell on you, you never seem to change

I wish that I could see you again


I'll be there where the heart is

When the dreams that we've been after all come true

You will find me here where the heart is

I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you

It's the light that just keeps shining day after day

And other loves have come and gone

And I'll be here with open arms to take you in

I wish that I could see you again


And in between, and when I need to see you again

All I have to do is close my eyes

Are the pictures comin' in my friend

I'll hold you again, but until then

chorus repeats out