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Friday After Next - Wonderful World (Krayzie Bone)


What a wonderful world, world, world, world

Is this really a wonderful world, world, world?


Out in the streets, streets

When the thugs play out in the streets, street

We blast that pistol

You's a damn fool if you don't duck, duck, duck

We do what we gotta do to survive, gotta stay alive

Even if the nine millimeter has to whistle

We can whistle while we work


Now I remember mama told me not to be up on the block trying to push rocks

She said, "Cause that's the reason that your brother right now in trouble with the cops"

I said, "No way not me, ma"

But when she turned her back I stuffed the llello in my sock

Hopped on my BMX, and I'm out

Yeah, I got what the fiends need

If you need some weed, I got it

Got the powder and can rock it for ya (--rock it for ya--)

My first employer was my bigger brother

Til his ass got knocked and locked the fuck up

Stuck up in that system and I miss him

But can't stop eating meals 'cause he in there

And he should be happy I'm out so I can send him commisary

As I reach my territory, I jump off my lowrider

Yeah, thats my bike but you don't tell nobody

Soon as I hit the corner the fiends was on a nigga

Had to them bustas quit hatin' just cause my boulder's bigger

First I bust a ten, then I bust a twenty sale

Another fifty sale, shit today the fiends are spending well

Couple hours past and I got two rocks left

And I need to get these off

Walk up a few blocks where

Them niggas think they ballin', but they smokin' man

I tell 'em, I got them double up's

And sell my dope to them

If you don't tell nobody, I won't tell nobody

Paid them niggas two for twenty

I went home and I got pissy (--pissy--)

Drunk as a skunk, roll me a blunt

This is shit we do everyday

We can't front, can't front


(::Krayzie Bone::)

Well, well, well


It was just, one of them days on the ave of Lincoln

I'm just sittin' on the mail box watchin' and thinkin'

I just bought all my rocks and the fiends is rushin'

A little boy ran in the streets and his moms is fussin'

The neighborhood watch, they called the police twice