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Giù Per Il Tubo - Bohemian Like You (The Dandy Warhols)

You've got a great car

Yeah, what's wrong with it today?

I used to have one too

Maybe you should come and have a look

I really like your hairdo

I'm glad you like mine too

I see we're looking pretty cool

So what do you do?

Oh, you're waiting tables too?

No I haven't heard your band

Because you guys are pretty new

But if you love vegan food

Come over to my work

I'll have them look you something that you'll really love

Cuz I like you

Yeah I like you

And I feel so Bohemian like you


Who's that guy, just hangin at your pad?

He's looking kinda sad

Oh, you broke up?

That's too bad

But I guess it's fair

If he always pays the rent

And he doesn't get all bent

About sleeping on the couch when I'm there

Cuz I like you

Yeah I like you

And I'm feeling so bohemian

I feel so bohemian like you

And I want you


Just a casual thing

Cuz I like you I like you I like you