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Great White Hype (The) - If It's Alright With You (Cappachino)


Yeah, '96 Park Hill style

Burial ground sound, in it forever dunn


Here we come, right through your eardrum Dunn

Cherry-head catch, feel the draft of the ox

You catch one, trying to pretend you gonna win

Headlock, show the block kid counterattack

Dunn of mine stay connect, 4th Disciple trife

Ain't nuthin ice cream, kid you get blown like steam

Park Hill Projects, the black Idi Amin

Ninety-six era, not the crossover lever

Chain swinger talk swing, probably wardrobe king

So what now? Industry kids'll lock it down

Only too loyal, dustin and then they're there for you

You wanted to enter 36 in the soil

My technique is speak, have you knocked out weak

Forever in it, my slang dick goes so deep

Thirsty for hip-hop, Staten Isle' niggaz can't stop

Runnin wild like a child til we reach the top

Stapleton, New Brighton, and West Brighton the harbor

Connect, me for vet, Don King and a tech

Thug cats'll get done up on black man's sun up

Cap the imperial, bring out new material

You hold me down, analyze all cherry-head

Wu is in town, catch the hand-off

Prepare for my dancehall standoff

Mercy when I come blow your mic hand off, sorry I touched him

Here they come again through customs

Mad ways to dead the wax, one way to bust him


If it's alright with you, it's alright with me

We can take this rap game to a higher degree

We can do this Spike Lee or how you want it to be

Check it, Golden Arms plus new Cappadon'


These 99 powerful circlin swords

Impact from all the heat dug deep and locked on

Chip off the bone, hard face and hard fists

Chop off your option, have you felt a neck twist

Cassette disc and wrist, meltdown your pistol mist

Burnt to a crisp, bombaded my pistol grip

Tongue gripped the nigga, raw tone the jawbone

Leaning tower Pisa sounds off the Mars zone

Chef dropped that bomb, the takeout will still linger

Twenty crazy christians, to lock in hole and heat up

Who the finger rap singer with hip layers of phlegm

Caused by blunt smoke, heart disease plays the friend

I ran out emotion, my rap style's devotion

I got hosts for you Soviet peoples across the ocean

My path releases, volcanic ashes

Engage in the page activity is autographics

Fraction of my bustin microphones start to lust and

Words plays over power practice might bust em

The black male persuasion known to hunt you for Satan

The Big Apple verbal concert was the occasion

The vital snap, now insert my spinal tap

I got forty more swipes to pipe, thirty slapped

The power from the cram broke the bottom of the pan

With Earth Wind And Fire, ice water dead grams

American hustler up and comin with a vengeance

Makes no magnet charge, plug vivid my extension

One lesson motivation for my pistol profestation

Slang person nailed now we move on a motation

Location, point-blank, on point be the vessel

Politic the defecit measure, point the decible

We're credible, renaissance, eatin off the barrel

Advanced chemo, die hard to my demo