Testi Soundtracks :: G

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Grindhouse - Grindhouse (Robert Rodriguez)

Listen to the dream of life - a

Conversation - hustle me beneath a

Spark - flesh or reflection-faith

Can’t hold insto-matic soul -

Trapped the light - a fool for

Love stand’n still - deep is the night - [jump in the back - a

Pack attack - gimme that - dig in - lethal mind - fugitive

Kind - hustle!] x 2 steal’n back the past ahead - that’s how

I’m roll’n - trick racer so desperate - that’s how I’m living

- dead heat shred the midway air - I see forever - drag-o-

Rama kick’n in - no say never [jump in the back - a pack

Attack - gimme that - dig in - lethal mind - fugitive kind -

Hustle!] x 2 scrimshaw motherfucker bazooka 5-star cat a

Howl’n - kitten got a whip but no escape to bait the

Prowl’n - yeah! if hell is like a woman, said "take me to

The fire" shot down! another desperate love crucifier

Yeah! boiling out of nowhere - crazyhead decision -

Skintight on the action grind into collision yeah!

Breath’n seeped into my head - the gang is bang’n - pump

The creature daddy-o - spring-loaded hang’n-everything

Ya always need - right for the taking-shoot the works

The haunted hill house is a shak’n.