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Kiss Of The Dragon - Fuck That (Bathgate)

Now everybody put your middle fingers in the air

And repeat after me:

Now fuck that

I'm tired of bitches riffin' and trippin'

Now fuck that

You owe a nigger 'cause he went to prision

Now fuck that

You ain't givin' head, mom in and beat it

Oh you a saint now but you pushin' me to eat it

Now fuck that

All of sudden Harlem ain't real,

like we end all for money and we started pushin' grills

Now fuck that

Everybody singin' this and that

Like bad for that nigger that be spittin' on them tracks

Like motion record labels, who came at me with offers

Like eight fuckin' albums and shorty's just a (?)

Now fuck that

Thank bad bitches from when you holler

Like you ain't in the fire but you walkin' right beside her

Now fuck that

Ma I don't let them front when you dared

And them pay to get they number

with they fingers in your hair

Now fuck that

Bitches with babies actin' for dollers

Smokin high they kicks is proud of

But don't know the baby father and

Shorty run around with Gucci on her feet with a GAP outfit

Like that shit is really sweet

Now fuck that

Niggers who charge for thing that's shitty

Now fuck that

Wack ass albums nigger come get me

Now fuck that

That's the hottest dog who fuckin' with me

Not that nigger in your box

You really think that nigger hot

Now fuck that

Some say that kid ain't nice,

'Cause that song too hot,no that kid didn't write

Like I don't go right

Like I don't flow tight

You know that nigger they just figure that he won't go life

Now fuck that

None of them broads who came at me wrong

Like ooh you look young but don't know that I'm grown

Now fuck that

This is for my teens on the block

Push green (?) I rock

Six teens in them glocks

Now fuck that

Bitch ass cops with head triggers

Now fuck that

Protect shit that air niggers

Just a bunch of hate crimes like rape and luema

And murder in the alleys

Spittin' slugs from (?)

And they feel it's ok when they set up OJ

But they wana bag G and Puff and throw the key away

Now fuck that

Hollywood rappers who never sold that

If they jewelry last week is was gone

Now fuck that

Bring back them 4.0's

Everybody ain't rich to go out on a 6

Now fuck that

That's right you only live once

Fuckin' spin how you wanna go, trick on them stunts

If you do a little exol, hit a few blunts

Get high, get crunk, have fun, get drunk

Now fuck that

Niggers who come at you with tapes

Like it's easy 'cause you sign and they won't have to wait

Now fuck that

Hearin' out every beat, wait

When you find what you like, shit it ain't on the tape

Now fuck that

Look dogs I'm gone eat gray

Fuck a feature they don't wanna

Shit is hot any way any day

We can battle dog verse for verse

Fuck will I'm gone curse

As matter fact you fuckin' jerk

Now fuck that

And shorty if you gonna get the Gucci shoes

Get the Gucci outfit to match

GAP don't match with that shit ma

Ya heard

He, Harlem is back

Expect it and respect it nigger

Yo Duro you got anything to say

Now fuck that