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My So-Called Life - Genetic (Sonic Youth)

Let me tell you every thought that I've come to

When I think of all the things that you do

I can't see if you're the only one, it's hard to say

And I think it's all the same to me today

I can see you two

If I could just see you this one time

I sit alone, everyone's at home

I see it, I believe

Somehow I know it's true

Your genetic kiss to me

I'll live inside of you

I have heard it said before: it'll never happen

Had it drilled in since a kid, makes my head spin

I'm still lookin' for these things that I can't find

Thoughts just come and go, swirlin' thru my mind

I see me and you

Then it's him I'm thinkin' of

We sit alone, no-one else at home

I taste it, I feel

And now I know it's true

Your genetic kiss reveals

I'll always be with you

Hey baby, it's you I'm thinkin' of

Hey baby, who do you love?

Don't worry baby, I'm watchin' even as you sleep

Let me whisper some things for you to keep:

There's no perfect idea

There's no perfect fate

Just little stabs at happiness

Sometimes a little too late

So keep your eyes wide open

And know what you're made of

Remember: first thought: best thought

Try to stay in love