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My So-Called Life - South Carolina (Archers Of Loaf)

Crawl off the faces

With my nonsense

And clog your ears with ashes

And boiled the sound to dry

It's not your fault you're not my hero

It's not your fault I can't make it clear enough

It's not your fault at all

Do do do

Break off my jaw

Scrape off my teeth

Pull off my leg

Drop off my load

For a quarter, you can give him a quarter

You can go into town with a reason to have an erection

I like your tatoo depiction

South Carolina

Because I've been dying

And I've been trying

For ways to get through

Days to get through

And I chew my grass

Just my grass

My grass, my grass, my grass, my...

Do do do

Do do do

South Carolina



South Carolina

Because I've been searching for you

I've been praying for you

I've been saying for you

I've been waiting for you

South Carolina

Do do do

Do do do