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Piccole Donne - Operatic Tragedy


Spoken: 'It's a mean and stormy night

The moors are bleak and bloody.

Thunder claps! Lightning Strikes!

The fair Clarissa, her clothes in disarray,

races across the wild coastal heath-'

Now she stops!

Now she runs!

Will she escape?

Will she be caught?

Spoken: With bold determination,

the villainous aristocrat Braxton Prendergast, lurches for her-

There's no escape.

She's but a child.

And yet she turns to fight

With eyes ablaze!

This noble girl meets his gaze,


She will not be defiled!

Clarissa/ Jo

Spoken: Keep away from me you wretch!

Braxton/ Jo

Spoken: I cannot keep away. Your beauty

draws me. Your passion ignites me.

I've got to hold you.


I defy you!


Got to have you.


Let me by you!


Come close-


Don't come too close-


Come close-


Don't come too close-

Braxton/ Clarissa

So close, so close to me.


Spoken: I'll have her. And the mother too.


Spoken: And at that moment, Rodrigo appears in magnificent splendor!

Rodrigo/ Jo

Spoken: Unhand that woman, villain!


Spoken: Who are you?

Rodrigo/ Jo

I am your destiny,

Your bitterest foe.

You stole what was rightly mine

Ten long years ago.

You left me cold, alone and forgotten,

Now I'm back to settlet he score-!

Professor Bhaer

Spoken: Miss March!