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The Nativity Story: Sacred Songs - Silent Night (Jo Dee Messina)

Silent night! Holy night!

All's asleep, one sole light,

Just the faithful and holy pair,

Lovely boy-child with curly hair,

Sleep in heavenly peace!

Silent night! Holy night!

God's Son laughs, o how bright.

Love from your holy lips shines clear,

As the dawn of salvation draws near,

Jesus, Lord, with your birth!

Silent night! Holy night!

Brought the world peace tonight,

From the heavens' golden height

Shows the grace of His holy might

Jesus, as man on this earth!

Silent night! holy night!

Where today all the might

Of His fatherly love us graced

And then Jesus, as brother embraced.

All the peoples on earth!

Silent night! Holy night!

Long we hoped that He might,

As our Lord, free us of wrath,

Since times of our fathers He hath

Promised to spare all mankind!

Silent night! Holy night!

Sheperds first see the sight.

Told by angelic Alleluja,

Sounding everywhere, both near and far:

"Christ the Savior is here!"