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Tu, io e Dupree - Back Of My Hand (Jags)

You only call me if your feeling blue

you tell me i don't pay attention to you

but if you only knew, just what i'm going through

you wouldn't phone those guys who mess around with you girl

when i call you i get stack of lies

you whip 'em out before you dry your eyes

i'm not a fruit machine a nineteen sixties dream

and in the 'bet you' list i bet you've never seen her

pre chorus

your not unreadable,your not unbeatable,

i know just what you are, don't push your luck too far

your not untouchable, not just another girl

i'd get in touch with you , i only wish you knew that


i've got your number written on the back of my hand x 3

i've got your number

i had a dream i met another girl

but in the morning she was just a kick inside,

i hope i'm gettin' through the interference too

my money's running out i don't know what to say now

the operator's saying cut the line

you want to call here for the very last time,

you're only young at heart, but there's a time to start

just realizing what i've got down here girl!

Pre chorus

you're not unreachable ....etc


guitar solo

say don't you realize

is there nothing left inside

hey did i get you wrong

say where's your number gone

first half of first verse...then pre chorus...chorus