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U.S. vs John Lennon (The) - John Sinclair

It ain't fair, John Sinclair

In the stir of breathing air

Won't you care for John Sinclair?

In the stair of breathing air.

Let him be, set him free

Let him be like you and me.

They give him ten for two

What else can the judges do?

Gotta, gotta.....gotta, set him free.

If he had been a soldier man

Shooting gooks in Vietnam

If he was the CIA

Selling dope and making hay

He'd be free, they'd let him be

Breatthing air, like you and me

They gave me ten for two

What more can the judges do?

Gotta, gotta....gottta set him freee.

Was he jailed for what he done?

Representing everyone

Free john now, if we can

From the clutches oof the man

Let him free, lift the lid

Bring him to his wife and kids.

They gave me ten for two

What more can the bastards do?

Gotta, gotta...gotta set him free...