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Testo Reeboks.deetox

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
These streets are paved with bloody asphalt
And all roads lead to the capital
The people stand there holding their hands out
And they're begging for more

But not me!
I don't want it; I don't want to plead
I'd rather sit back with a gun in my lap
Waiting for them to come get me

Let's go: It's time to leave this town
Emergency pull out!
I'm never coming back

This town is such a dirty shit-hole
White trash and soccer moms
It smells like metal-heads and meth-sweat
That's just how they roll

But not me!
I don't want it; I don't want to wait
I'd rather abandon with a guitar in hand
Than die in this place I hate
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