Welcome To My World Testo

Testo Welcome To My World

You say you love me
but you won't let me touch you ...
So don't try to tell me
your whole world is falling,
falling down around you.

You say why did I not try harder?
What's left to do now; I'm free and
a new world is calling,
calling out for me.
'Cause I won't stay.

So I'm gonna go and you bet I'll be gone with a smile.
I'm gonna do things my way for a whole while now.
I'll be out there and I won't care if you cry.
You can't stop me. You can't stop a sigh.

Welcome to my world!

Watch me go out now and strike up gay colours.
Let's wave a flag, it's a new day
and everyone's out to dance
on my grand parade.
Don't stand there, get up, come on, get up!

So I'm gonna go and you bet I'll be gone with a smile...

Welcome to my world!
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