Give You My Heart Testo

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Testo Give You My Heart

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'll stick with you
thru thick and thin
they gonna give you up
and i'll always stay true
until the days
when we are gone away
i love you girl
from the very start
gonna give you my heart
until the days get dark
i'll make you better
cause' you know i'm down
for whatever

i told you once before
that ill never leave you
and i promise you
that ill wait for you
until that special day
when i can feel ur touch the kind
that i been longing for so much
baby ur the only one i want
and no matter the distance
cause before i met you
didnt know love's existence
and how it can make me feel
but im glad
that im feelin' it with you
and that's the reason why
so you know
no one makes me feel
the way you do
please believe me
when i tell you
that my love is true
and then i will never
ever replace you
i want you to give me ur kiss
to be the one i live,
with the one i marry too
who makes my dreams come true
when it comes to us
there's no end to it
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