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J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Strong winds push away the debris
Another long day decides what to be
Leaves on the trees are the instruments
Believe what you see only in increments
My equals think that I am blind
I find kind people sink into sublime
Power lines clever designs
Flowers vines
Only severed minds say never mind
I'm not nirvana
I just got the words you wanna pour on your medulla oblongata
I have now stood on four continents
I'm searching for more vowels and consonants
Carvings and hieroglyphics
Harboring words is my world specific
From simple characters
To symbols and caricatures
Round cylinders that don't sound similar
Indiana Jones Indian in a zone
Indigenous and never alone
I have decoded it and now I got it
I know that my life is not encoded or robotic
I know the moon is my grandmother
Why am I not in a mood to stand under?
I'm controlled by the kilowatts
I've been sold to the nano bots
Private to general electric
Get their orders at intervals accepted
Don't die in the artificial light
Go out side your hearts the issues figh
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