Happy Tank Testo

Testo Happy Tank

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(Music: Z. Walters, c. volk, s. hampton; Words: Z. Walters)

Woke up this morning, the sun was rising the day was dawning,
without a warning, the hole in my soul cried out and kept calling,
fill me up it said, fill me up it cried,
couldn't put a smile on my face if I tried
tried lotion to loosen up the skin,
tried to think a happy thought but where do I begin?

My happy tank's on empty need to fill it up
If yours runneth over spill some in my cup
People talking bout saratonin, what the hell's that
I was deprived when I was born think you could spare me a sack

took a long shower but couldn't get it goin'
still stepped out the door just to get the things flowin'
some undertow is pullin my down, don't know what it is
got hella thirsty but there's nothing in the fridge
the clock's tickin, the days are slippin,
can't get my eyes to open why'm I always trippin'
tried cold water to tighten up my skin
tried to think a happy thought but where do I begin?
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