Love And War Testo

Testo Love And War

Under the watching eyes of a world
That doesn't sleep but doesn't see
We're dragged into a situation where
They take away our right to freedom,
Justice and liberty
Invade our lives, invade our homes.
There's nothing left that you shouldn't know.
Broadcast your fear, build up your walls,
Hidden agendas that no one knows,
The paranoia is taking control
All's fair in love and war.
Love and war.

Behind every distraction
A set up lies key to a greater scheme.
The only real promise here
Is a promise of uncertainty.
Faced with a conflict that sees no end
Finding comfort and safety in the arms
Of snakes and liars
I've never felt as uneasy as I do right now.

This is the price of insecurity.
Who on earth would've thought it would come to this,
Broken and defeated on a sinking ship.
So if this is the cost and we're left with the bill.
The highest price to pay for a sterile life.
The highest price to pay for a sterile world
All's fair in love and war.
Love and war
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