Love, Sweet Death Testo

Testo Love, Sweet Death

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Red sand over my hands,
suddenly it's gone, I feel the heat of sun
and it's hard to believe
things come and go in one beat
it's so hard to achieve
I need to hear your cry

Once I lived one life and breathed
love makes you feel in one pit
where light fades in
It used to be right until we corssed
the line of fear and doubts
broke all we built

Madness can destroy it all
even the strongest love can reach a point
when nobody knows what's right or wrong

Just feel the time goes by
I've reached the limit inside
black shadows that come
and you don't know where to hide at all

Feel the strenght death has
that scratches inside your soul
see if it's worth it, no one decides
you have the last word

I'm here, still in this shore
asking why, all that I hear is the storm
it's still hard to believe,
no one hears my claims
should I turn back and keep
that sweet thing in my hands
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