Man Lives Apart Testo

Testo Man Lives Apart

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
When full moon shines up high
I can feel the fear inside,
then all my bones get paralyzed

You try then silently,
to get stuck to your own bed
but your deep strenght arises
and you can't stop the pain...
feel you're the only one who can stop
your rage inside... you see your nails...
man lives apart...

Now I feel the rage inside,
no one is sabed enough
there's just no place to hide
the massacre has just began...

Victims are there defenceless...

I'll hurry up, I'll be there on time
to arrive and keep your hunger back

Feel this nightmare you live
and leave me in peace
no, give up your efforts
no one can stop me now

I'll be here by your side
all I pretend is bringing calm
destroy the wild beast that lives inside

Blood falling down my cheek
I'll blame the full moon up high
I'd never dare to think
I would become such a beast

When morning's dawn kindly appears
I'll take your insane hand, I'll be free...

Feel the morning has come
my body gets weak, I won't be a man
until night closes in
and takes out my soul, nobody can see
no one realises the rage I feel

Destroying my mind
expecting my will
belonging to death...
and taking my life...

Regrets apart, I wish I could
take out my fear that lives inside
give me more time, it's what I need
I don't want to hurt yourself

I'll try to keep all my faith
to remain even now you're awake
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