Chameleon Song (Disappear) Testo

Testo Chameleon Song (Disappear)

To be deceived in silence
by a loneliness shared with a heart gone wrong
it grows, speaking words made of stone
beneath them chameleons squirm
I thought you'd send your kiss to rescue me
now I can't even decide in what to believe

I hope you find him, I hope he's real
I hope you find him...before your love disappears

to seek an act of kindness
underneath the mask and the disguises worn
they burn like memories lost
lighting a path to her heart

I hope you're happy, I hope you heal
I hope you wake up...before your love disappears

to see the dreams inside her
slowly turning to rust
after another day
she sings, but her words have become
a tragic chameleon song
i never thought she'd send her kiss to bury me
now I can't even decide in what to believe
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