Whenever You Go Testo

Testo Whenever You Go

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
A sight to behold as I stood in the cold
I was watching your back as you left
After a nice superficial goodbye
it's a fact that I've come to accept

So the meeting's adjourned?
No the bridges been burned
you see everyone already knows
the rumor is out just in case you're in doubt
yeah we're finally done I suppose
it certainly shows...
whenever you go...

A sight to behold as I stood in the cold
I was tired as I've ever been
Suddenly beat but I can say at least
I'm not watching you leaving again

I feel like a weight has been
lifted from me
and I'm smiling as I fall asleep
I doubt I'll be missed, now that
you're getting pissed
out among all the drunks and the creeps
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