Keep Your Distance Testo

Testo Keep Your Distance

Hello. Goodbye. That's all it was tonight. I thought that things would be
alright. It's not the case, it's not this time. You're walking away but
that's ok. I'm over you and I feel straight. I rectified myself inside from
the shit you put in my mind. You think that I'm mad but can't you see: it's
anithesis and it doesn't bother me. -CHORUS- You're staying away. Stay
away. You're staying away everytime you come around me. I hope the next
time we talk you're more mature and that's for sure. Cuz every once and a
while you'd call me up you'd try to make me feel guilty but guess what? I
feel nothing. I feel nothing. -CHORUS- Everytime you come around me.
Everytime you breath around me. Everytime you come around me. Everytime you
breath now listen up. I'd forfeit if I were you. I'm not gonna come around
you anymore. It's echoing inside of me (echoing) so keep your fucking
distance from me. Stay away. -CHORUS-
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