Give Us A Break Testo

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Testo Give Us A Break

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what is wrong come on give us a break
working our ass off we got what it takes
give us a break don't wait until tomorrow
just do that and all the rest will follow
give us a break
help us out
we ain't asking for much
things been running slow
and we need something new
would it be to much to ask for you to help us out
you've been around long enough
to know what it's all about
it's all about that first little break
and after that i know we got waht it takes
you can't go on without any kind of reward
and that goes with everything you do in life
and when you got that reward it's time to set up
new goals as something to strive for
now and always will
try to bring us down never we got to much of a
fighting will
hard hitting honest straight on hardcore style is
what we're all about
we got our way our approach clear the lane all
of you with doubts

Scarica la suoneria di Give Us A Break!
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