Cherish This Love Testo

Testo Cherish This Love

Sorry for making you cry
For turning away as you walk on by
But baby I need to be strong
And I need to move on with my life
You know it's not that I don't care
So don't make me feel bad, it's not fair
Baby you know all the reasons
I made my desicion in life

Now a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do
And a boy must become a man
And I'm sorry to say but it's love that I need
And that love I just can't get from you

It's funny how things turn around
One day I am lost, and then I'm found
It happened so fast
I knew it would last
From the first time I looked in her eyes
Although it's so soon this I know, I'll never be on my own
As dreams turn to fears
She buries my fears and I will cherish this love ever more

You know it's not easy to do
Turning my back on me and you
But baby I need someone there who will love me and care for my life
Smiles they turned into tears
And all of my dreams, they all disappeared
Baby this cannot be right so I'll turn down the light on our love

Now a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do
And a girl's gotta do what she can
And I'm sorry for saying but it's love that I need
And that love I just can't get from you

And everything that could go wrong
Has gone wrong at some time
Now I can see the light, it was love at first sight
And I'm not gonna let this girl go

With you
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