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Testo Kyle

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
On the day you left i packed my bags and went home,
because fear has no place here. so i'll follow your lead and live my life like you.
always pushing forward with the weight of the world holding me back.

its time to stand up and walk!

the higher i climb, the air gets so thin, so thin!
but your love is my lungs, and i am breathing, breathing!

and though our bodies will come to pass, we will live on in hearts and minds. we will not die even when we cease to breathe. but in life, it is so hard.

the very air i breathe seems to suffocate me! its a constant battle, still i stand up and walk! for the higher i climb the air gets so thin, but your love is my lungs and i am breathing!

i climb this mountain, the path i walk is plagued with doubt. but i will not fail! i will not fall down! and i'll carry on until i hear you call me home. i will ascend! on shaking legs with heavy steps i'll bear this cup that weighs me down, but i wont fall. oh god, don't let me fall! "i try, to hold myself up but i cant go on unless you are here with me!"
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