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Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I hear the sound of quiet voices coming nearer
They're telling me that I can never stay
The shades of light above my head are shining clearer
I'm capturing the spirit of the day

This day
Take me away
This long forgotten day
Freedom fighter
Rise up and conquer
Now or never
Alive once again

Hold the diamonds of life in your hands
Just don't cast them away
Hear the calling of distant lands
But there's a price you must pay
Cast away those ancient fears
Discover your time

I see the rivers of your ancient lands flowing
Clouds create imaginary sights
No crooked hands are reaching up to buy the heavens
The mountains rise to catch the early light

The morning light
Shining bright
The miracle of light
Snow and rain
Seasons change
Freedom range
Smiling back again

Hold the promise of life in your hands
Just don't cast it away
Live the dream of a world without end
There's no price to pay
There's no reason to live in fear
Fate will never call

Hear the cries
Broken ties
Calling loud
Walking proud

Seeds of change
Can't rearrange
Lost in time
Forgotten sign

Gone away
No price to pay
Warrior's eye
Must never die
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