This Too Shall Pass Testo

Testo This Too Shall Pass

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Time will take its toll once again
Silent cries of fate will never end
Hungry souls walk free but stand alone
All alone

Sing some ancient song, truth or lie
Worship good or evil but don't ask why
Hopes and dreams are shattered like broken glass
But don't you forget this too shall pass
This too shall pass

Lurking in cold shadows, tortured ones
Scared to show their faces to the sun
They jump out from the darkness to find their homes
Only to realize that home is gone
Home is gone for good this time

Born to fly so high
Thrown down by stormy skies
Pray for gentle winds
To tame this killing tide once again

Longing deep inside
Look around with hungry eyes
Change will come at last
But just like before this too shall pass
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