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Testo Frankie Pyroman

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hey man, have you ever heard talking about Frankie Pyroman?
Do you wonder? Really wonder? I'd tell you man if you wonder!
Well,man just to begin Frank was a boy about seventeen.
Do you hear me? Do you believe me? God is witness, man, seventeen!
Frank's mom was a bakeress, his dad a respectable retired fireman. Are you smiling? Don't you believe me? And this is just the beginning!
Hey Frank! C'mon bring your friends tonight there's the annual school-dance! There's enough beers and gasoline for everyone!
C'mon friends! I wanna hear them scream like bitches and waste like matches!
And we know better certainly they have something to pay!
But just when we arrived there, something happened, something weird. I remained still to stare, while the others started the plan.
But you were there in your flaming dress, and I was dying to ask you to dance, and I danced, and I danced, with the fairest shoes I have.
And we danced, and we danced all night long we danced... And I don't even heard while everybody fled, just the flames danced with us and in the meanwhile all around had turned to ashes, just like me and you!
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