Plastic Romance Testo

Testo Plastic Romance

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
i had a girl made of plastic all my friends found her fantastic
she looked so pretty and so real
that all the district girls were envious of her skin
i was so mad 'bout her that i bought her a ring
and i was ready to ask her to marry me!
we spent our evenings on the couch
and we continued listening to "rubber soul"
but just when everythings looked so fine
something happened that upset our perfect life
someone took away my future wife
someone came and took away my bride

i had a girl made of plastic
all my friends found her fantastic
at the time she was working in a store
as chief manikin for designer clothes
every evening i went to her back home
every morning i took her back to the store

but one day i arrived too late
i was trapped in the traffic on the highway
when i arrived at the store
she was'nt there and the shutter was closed
sometime after someone said they had seen her
take a lift on a motor-vehicle with the writing "plastic recycle"!
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