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Testo Garden

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
hold tight my head has taken enough, I need time to let what you said set in, just like a snake in the grass you go behind my back and sneak around, you say these things that disintegrate my trust and like a fool i play this game while you watch, what type of friend is a friend that befriends my love and lets me down, don't let me down, never let me. (chorus) so ill murder this last drink and pass out without you next to me, for the first time and for the last so it seems, it makes me scared to know you were all i need, now there's nothing left to hold. You must really believe that you are something special, but i can see right through everything your made of, your vanity is pouring out all over your vanity, but you don't mind its so plain to see, that your easy baby your so easy, its a dull fair in return for, its a small price in return for losing you.

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