Poor Lorenzo Testo

Testo Poor Lorenzo

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
(chorus) pleased to meet you, I have many names, one that others most use, B.L.U.E. Because Love Usually Ends. May i have a ride it seems I've lost everything i live just down the block right under that old bridge that's where i spend most of my time getting high and contemplating my life, and every now and then a coin falls in my cup that's how I get by, constant spontaneous love as faces walk on, I wish id just die. I'm in dire need of much more than money, please spare me piece of mind for anything, please help me love someone its been so long, I've climbed so high just to fall so hard. (chorus). I'm losing control, going note for note over inside my head, no one to console me, recalling these thoughts of what happened, I used to be someone, now I'm just a stain on this face, so ill send a prayer to the only one, hail Mary full of disgrace, embrace me, embrace me...

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