Poisoned Kiss Testo

Testo Poisoned Kiss

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
You tease me lure me into somthing so utopian, unreal you watch me cry tears of blood drip down my face you leave me decomposed and destro what ever left overs you found you hint to me this just cant be only a memory being in your arms only a harmony kept in the back of my mind the memory that has past me by i refuse it take my memory and make it last forever make us last forever youve never stopped batting me with your eyes doent time stand out or should it remain in the shadows if the light shed upon me like blood shed i'd devour the beauty of your lies as tranparent as your smile with the poison kiss that ive received the moves that blend into music paralize me your tears that make rivers flow with the aresic in your veins is your touch warm or cold as your heart ide kill to be your melody everyone has a fate choose your own leave the shadow and fall a victim of your poison

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